Furqan Hashmi speaks on Cloud Security and Compliance

We deliver cloud solutions,
while you deliver business value

Applying Lean methods like Value Stream Mapping helps your business identify and remove unnecessary tasks, steps so called waste. By applying EDGE operating model, you can leverage Business Transformation. This is a high performing business focused on technology to gain the competitive EDGE, through value based outcomes.

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We care about your cloud solution delivery.
We care about your business and people too.

  • Average savings after a lean accelerated cloud migration is 36%.
  • Almost 90% of the companies are on the cloud.
  • The leading cloud provider states that migrations are 5 times more likely to succeed when there is detailed supporting business case.​
  • AWS Spot instances can save you between 70 - 90% in operating costs.
  • Engineers can provision new development environments up to 80% faster in the cloud

Good News! Your business is four steps away from joining Business Transformation. This is a high performing business focused on leveraging technology to gain the competitive EDGE


Our qualified consultants will execute a thorough analyses of either a new concept or existing business process. The business case will focus on customer value based outcomes, that will align executive vision with strategy.

Solution Design

Based on the analysis, a solution is designed for the product while also aligning with over-arching portfolio management strategy. Disparate functions are mapped into value streams, to delivery a joined up system focused on value. Components are modular to promote the concept of code reuse and development savings. And the measurement of success is also factored into the pipeline, so it is no longer an arbitrary value.

Product Delivery

The product is delivered to your business based on Lean Accelerate principles and EDGE operating model. The continuous delivery code pipeline enables the concept of a single push button for the delivery of new product functionality.


Our delivery consultants ensure the necessary knowledge required to further develop and take ownership of the business product pipeline, is captured and transferred to the business operations team.